An Artist Profile for this man is a bit overdue, because I feel as though people should take him in, and since I already have done two members of the Black Hippy crew (Kendrick Lamar & ScHoolboy Q), Soul is due for one. That may come later, but for now, he has brought us new music. Jhene Aiko has claimed a lot of my love, and from her own words to me, she has said that a project from her is coming soon, which I will be anticipating. Ab Soul’s project is being delayed for who knows why, so we have to live with that. Danny Brown is slowly becoming of those artists that will be getting daily rotation on my end, I may even do a profile of him as well some day. This track reminded me of Cartoons & Cereal a bit, with the way that it was produced, but the track is wicked. Ab Soul is a deep thinker, and his lyrics convey that. Solid features as well. Enjoy this, and Shout out to Dwayne for sending me this