It’s about damn time that this mixtape dropped. Since ‘Cold Corner 2′ was such a dope mixtape last year, the world needed more Bank$, and this project kept getting delayed, but finally it showed up, and he delivered yet again. He’s one of the most underrated and unappreciated rappers in the game, and has been for essentially a decade if you go back to the G-Unit days (ahh, those were the times). I don’t a lot of Lloyd Bank$ mixtapes (I won’t lie, I wasn’t even aware of the V-Series), but of what I do have, he’s consistent as ever. This is an enjoyable mixtape after the halfway point, to me. There were some tracks I wasn’t feeling that much because they sounded like everything else that’s out right now, but the latter half sounded like the authentic Bank$ that we grew to appreciate in the beginning. You may feel different, but that’s just me. Enjoy it.

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