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Renesha Monaco Presents – Schooly & Friends [July 31st]

Posted on July 28, 2014

After the success of the private event Schoolboyy aka Schooly Eskobar put on a month ago, myself and the lovely Jen Gata are back at it for a second go around for a bigger & better showcase of some more great (and hidden) talent that the GTA has to offer. The roster is a bigger change, the location is in a more prime location, but consistency of delivery will remain the same. $10 in advance (special discount for friends *wink wink*), so come out on a fine summer’s night and enjoy yourself. *Facebook Page* –

Jigz The Flyer – Never Done (Official Video)

Posted on July 28, 2014

So, a while back (like a while back), my friend Devon, the Hip Hop romantic that she is (love that woman) passed me by a link for Jigz’ mixtape (album?) Opium Fields, and for God knows what reason, I never got around to listening to it. A press release for this video ends up in my email, and all of a sudden, I’m prompted to go back and listen to it. Jigz had a great tape with After Hours, and even more recently, the Black Shampoo EP, which I still wish was longer, because it was so dope. This man is also a wizard on the beats, having making a name for himself as of recent, so hopefully he can build on both platforms of talent that he…

Black Milk – Detroit’s New Dance Show

Posted on July 28, 2014

I’m not going to address the fact that it’s been almost two weeks since my last blog post (life happens), but this prompted me out of my slumber to get back on my shit. Black Milk had a great album that you probably didn’t hear because the majority of rap listeners pay attention to what mainstream rap critics listen to, which means No Poison No Paradise doesn’t get its fair shine. In the immortal words of Chris Rock from Head of State, “That ain’t right!!” This is why I’m here (kind of). Black Milk brings the flavour of style on this track that is aptly named, Detroit’s New Dance Show, and the vibe is an extension of NPNP, which is very enjoyable. I’m sure you’ll dig it if you have an…

Iman Europe x Contraband – Hello, Mellow EP

Posted on July 19, 2014

I get a late pass on this one, because clearly my mind has been preoccupied by other things in my life as I gear up for the big 2-5 tomorrow. As SZA’s earlier mixtapes, See.SZA.Run & S have proved, it’s that trap music wrapped in a soulful vibe can flourish in ways that people may not have anticipated before, and that is the attitude that Iman brings to the table on her collaborative EP with producer Contraband. Her voice carries over the aggressive beats so harmoniously and effortlessly that demands the repeat button to be set and kept for time to come and go. I’ve featured her work on the blog beforehand, so it just makes sense to throw this project on here with no problems.…

Araabmuzik – For Professional Use Only 2

Posted on July 19, 2014

I know that the knock on Araabmuzik is that a lot of his beats sound drastically similar. To that I say, so do 9th Wonder’s, and he’s done pretty well – argument void. Through listening to his beats and also watching his insane videos that have literally given me inspiration to be a great editor (true story), the MPC king is back with another album of a mix of EDM, trap, and grungy hip hop beats that will definitely leave you screw faced early and often through the album. It’s lengthy, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Happy listening folks, enjoy.

Nick Hakim – Where Will We Go (Part 1)

Posted on July 15, 2014

  Ask and you shall receive. I say that because if you missed my On The Lookout piece of Nick Hakim, I went on to say that: he’s great, love his work, need music. And so out of the sheer essence of exploring on Soundcloud, it turns out that he released an EP on July 14th, which is also available for purchase on iTunes. Along with Cold & Pour Another, there’s an additional new song to go along with the smooth instrumentals that are also on it. Nick has stated that he’s written a lot, so hopefully more songs will start to flood this year, as the people have been starved for the soul music (or maybe it’s just me, but whatever). Check it out, and definitely enjoy (and…

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – The STiXXclusive Review

Posted on July 12, 2014

In my best Don LaFontaine voice   In a world where every other movie of recent is based on a novel or is a sequel to a sequel to a sequel; in 2014 there have been lackluster Blockbuster, but this summer, one will change the course of direction for time to come – this is the Dawn of the Apes.   Rest In Peace to that man, his presence has been missed for quite some time, but to add on to my point during that impersonation, there haven’t been a lot of great movies to come out this summer so far. X-Men: Days of Future Past and maybe Spiderman 2 (my thoughts on it have swayed back and forth since viewing) have been the…

Love Life Like Literature – Vent LXIV

Posted on July 9, 2014

I recently finished reading a book entitled The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. and although the characters in the book were Jewish, were involved in journalism and other prestigious job titles, and living in a newly gentrified Brooklyn, NY; the story of the topsy-turvy love battles that Nathaniel had to deal with (involving 4 women) was at times interesting, annoying, but definitely there were parts that were relatable. And then when you look at your own love life, like I often did with mine while reading, and it reflected the book as such in terms of interest and annoyance. It’s a never-ending journey when it comes to that dreaded L word because there’s a definition the length of a King James Version of the…

Mellowhype – I Need Some Answers

Posted on July 6, 2014

It’s been a minute since Numbers, and Hodgy’s Untitled 2 was satisfactory at best, but when MellowHigh dropped, that was something of promise as Odd Future has had a relatively quiet 2014 (granted, Tyler & Earl dropped albums & Domo a mixtape in 2013). As we wait for Frank Ocean drop new music (no idea when that will happen), Mellowhype is back again with a new album. I heard a couple of songs prior to the album, but I was satisfied to hear the combination of Left Brain’s production and Hodgy’s flow to come together that’s an extension of where they left off from MellowHigh. Nowadays was the initial song I heard, but that’s only just one track that was surrounded by a bunch of dope ones although it’s…

On The Lookout – Nick Hakim

Posted on July 5, 2014

It’s funny how life works out. Today I went on a mini-rant about there not being enough quality R&B artists, or even singers in general, out there to really provide the soul that I’ve come to appreciate growing up. I mean I know there’s a difference between R&B and Soul, but that shouldn’t take away the fact that there aren’t a lot of quality singers that are out there making great music to listen to all the time. There aren’t a lot of singers that I listen to on a regular basis that can have that nostalgic feeling of just listening to feel good music or simply good music no matter what the subject content is. It’s a shame that good quality can’t make its way…


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