Artist Profile – SpaceGhostPurrp (SPVCXGHXZTPVRRP)

“Back in this bitch mothafucka, yeah it’s me
SpaceGhostPurrp and I put your bitch to sleep”

I didn’t even finish the man’s whole discography, but I’ve heard enough to show love to him. Hand me yet another late pass (clearly, I’m not the guy who’s the first to know things, but whatever, that’s not important) because he’s been around for a bit so it’s seemed, but has started to blow up. SpaceGhostPurrp (SGP for short & SPVCEGHXZTPVRRP for…weird) has resurrected the chopped and screwed sound from the 90s and is doing it justice.

I originally thought that he was with the A$AP Movement (which I’ll be highlighting in another post), but in reality, his crew is the ‘Raider Klan.’ (I want to say a kind of spin on the Oakland Raiders & KKK? Who knows) Pretty much, I don’t mean to disrespect the crew right now, but the sound they bring is as if Odd Future & UGK musically conceived a love child. And here’s why:

OF – The “666” references and the hardcore graphic lyrics at time is similar to OF, but at the same time, not only do I not know how long Raider Klan has been around, this also could be a huge coincidence, so I could just be jumping the gun here, but like I said, it’s just how I was hearing it, many may not agree as much. 

UGK – The chopped and screwed heavy influence (peace to DJ Screw R.I.P) with the laid back flow & lyrics have quite the significance, but SGP does a good job to pay homage to those who’ve paved the way to where he is right now. 

Hailing from Miami, Florida, where booty poppin’ music and real ignorance reigned supreme for the longest time (and pretty much still does, when you think about it), SGP is slowly trying to change the way that people look at Floridians when it comes to music. I’m not exactly saying that he’ll create a huge impact on the state, or even the city of Miami, but the style that he’s bringing is something that hasn’t been familiar to them (or at least that’s just coming from my Canadian knowledge). The trill wave that he’s brought is the reason why I’m heavily digging him.

I have to take this time to shout out the main person that put me on to SGP in the first place.

CHII!! (notice the black & white theme here) – Follow her —> @chicvgotrill

Lots of love for showing me his music, because it is truly dope stuff and I feel that a lot of people should get with the wave (even though, I don’t really have to say that, because the wagons will fill).

SGP’s discography, is DEEP! Chii sent it to me, and 6 mixtapes later, here it is. And there’s 9 individual tracks to take in as well, so I’d advise taking in the individual songs first, and if you’re digging him, download the mixtapes. I’m only 2 mixtapes in, but I’m feeling the sound. Enjoy.

SpaceGhostPurrp’s Discography

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