(Mixtape) The Millennium Falcon – Chuuwee x Sundown of Actual Proof


It’s not Crown Me King yet, but this will duly serve musical justice for the time being. Chuuwee collaborates with one of 9th Wonder’s artists, Sundown. Brief bio, he’s from Raleigh, NC and he not only raps, but he also produces, so there’s much promise for this young man on the horizon. I haven’t taken in his other work, but I may just do that after listening to this mixtape.

I already listened to it a couple of times, and first off, I love the fact that this is Star Wars themed, because it’s one of the greatest sagas to ever grace the movie screens (with the exceptions of Episode 2 & 3 minus the fight scenes). The duo bring that Han Solo & Chubaka chemistry: one (Sundown) being smooth and calm, but can still deliver, and the other (Chuuwee), is the brash, more in your face hard hitter than doesn’t hesitate to put a choke hold on the mic.

This may be considered musical blasphemy of some sort, but I really don’t care. Sundown’s voice and his style reminded me of Gang Starr & Chuuwee heavily reminded me of a blend of AZ & Big L. They definitely have different styles but can both flow, and deliver when necessary. This didn’t feel like one was trying to out rap the other, they both just wanted to make good songs, and it wasn’t bad at all. I look forward to future projects of these two, both collaborative & individual. But, for now, enjoy the mixtape, and grab the artwork while you’re at it. That’s My Word & It STiXX

The Millennium Falcon

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