T.A.O.D (Throwback Albums Of the Day) – Brandy & Monica

This is random, because just yesterday morning, I read a post on Ohverly Critical that said that Brandy & Monica were: 1. Both dropping albums this year and 2. Both were making follow-up tracks for the classic R&B hit The Boy is Mine.” That’s crazy, because the night before, I was going to throw up their albums as the throwback picks because those were the first R&B albums I’d ever bought (Shout out to Ed’s Music World on Yonge & Eglinton before it was turned into a bagel shop). I had crazy crushes on these two artists, at the same damn time, and judge me if you want to, but I did enjoy me some R&B. As I stated before, my musical diversity was wide, so I felt no ways about it. From Never Say Never, ‘Have You Ever’ may damn well be my wedding song, and from The Boy is Mine, you’re not a real person if ‘Angel of Mine’ didn’t strike a nerve in you. I don’t care who you are. That’s my 1st wedding dance song if it all comes together how I want it to. But, both artists have taken different paths on their once promising careers. Brandy acted (not necessarily better), and Monica? She….she had her share of personal issues, but she had a couple of good albums and she’s now *runs to Wikipedia really fast* married to Lakers player Shannon Brown and is preparing to release an album this year. It should be a very interesting year for music, and I’m anticipating nothing short of great music. R&B needs a revival more than anything, so we’ll see what they bring out, BUT…for now, enjoy these albums if you don’t have them already. That’s My Word & It STiXX

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