Throwback Album of the Day – What’s The 411? – Mary J. Blige

Classic. Period. No arguments. Mary J Blige, until further notice, is still the queen of R&B. This album proved it then, and it proves it now. Her vocals were strong, her songs made you move, they related to you in more ways than one, and all of this coming from her first album. She set the bar high for a lot of artists to come after her, and they still couldn’t compete with what she brought in 1992. 20 years ago, and this album is still one of the all time greats. I’d put this up there with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill as top female artist albums to come out in the 90s, and quite possibly ever.

Mary went on to have a long, emotional, and at times stressful career, because we were tired of the No more Drama tears and the crying, and the squealing, but listen, she’s still great, and she’s been sitting on her throne since this album, so no one can really say anything to her as of now, and it’s been 2 decades. Reminisce, and indulge on the soulful one. Enjoy

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