Throwback Albums of the Day: Jay – Z

How many times am I allowed to say “Classic” before I’m deemed to be too unfit to be a music head (which, I am not). Shawn Carter blessed the world of hip hop with his first album and continued to do so with other albums for the next 13 years. He “changed the game for these hoes,” and did the world justice at that.

Jay – Z is one of those artists that come around once a generation, especially during the era where Tupac & Biggie were in their primes, before unfortunately coming to their untimely demise. It’s been a long way coming for this hustler-turned-rapper-turned-business entrepreneur. almost a dozen #1 albums, and practically a billionaire, and now a father (like, legit this time). So there really isn’t a lot left to say about him. He’s been a footprint for hip hop in 2 decades (technically 3, because of “scientific” explanations), and he’ll forever leave his mark on the genre for future generations to come, so let me get to the point of this post and be on with it, because people have things to do.

If you noticed, I didn’t put any albums in the title of this post because I didn’t know which ones to decide until now. Well, I knew 1 of them last night, because my sister from another mister, Christine tweeted about Reasonable Doubt, and at the same time my blog mentor Nikki Oh, is a die-hard Shawn Carter fan (I could have said groupie, but I respect her too much). So, that was one down, then I had to decide on the other 2. The Blueprint is one of my favourite albums of all time, and when it comes to favourite Jay-Z albums, The Black Album is on that list coming in 2nd. It’s a hard list that can be switched around in so many ways, but this is my blog, AH LIE, SO NUH WORRY BOUT IT! (Sorry, I had to throw that in there for emphasis)

So, in the chronological order that they were released, I present to you these three great albums. I highly recommend that you download these, or even recommend them to someone who is not hip hop intelligent. These are great references.  You know the drill, click each photo for the download link. So, please enjoy.

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