Growing Pains – Vent IV

Getting older has its perks: You can drive, you can do more fun things, depending on the type of person that you are, whether it be a social drinker or party-goer, you can live on your own and have a lot of independence, and you can experience freedom to do what you want. But then, we look at the negatives: Bills, rent, utilities if you live on your own, phone, if you have your own car, then you have to maintain that, there’s also having to take care of children, life seems more stressful, depending on your lifestyle, but like all things in life, there are pros and cons. When we were younger, it seemed like we didn’t have a lot of those issues to deal with. The most responsibilities most of us had were taking care of siblings (thank you Jesus that I didn’t have that issue), curfews, chores, and homework.

Life, in essence, was a peaceful time because we had that sort of freedom, of course it came with a lot of monitoring, but it seemed as if we lived our lives without knowing the dreaded word “stress.” Being stressed is annoying, it affects quality of living, and overall, it’s something that’s pointless, but it’s like an itch, because it goes away and reappears when it’s not needed. Childhood was a time when on Saturday mornings, you would wake up early and watch cartoons until early afternoon, and then go outside and play with your friends. As the years go by and we increase in height, the attitude changes, we become more aware of the world, and it’s pretty much something that we didn’t want to discover.

The world is a crazy place when we grow up. When we’re young and full of hope, prosperity, and our imaginations are running rampant, we looked at the world as a great big space full of wondrous opportunities. That same mentality today exists, but it’s more of a realistic mindset that has us, but the thing is, why do we lose so much of our creative imaginations as we grow up? The years change, and so do circumstances, but why the broad imaginations? They shouldn’t. We all have our childhood selves stuck inside of us, that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We have that in us to allow us to have fun, and when the time is needed, we tap into our inner selves to go a little wild and live carelessly, but we have to remember that we have more grown consequences to whatever actions, so it’s all about using our best judgement. There are people who still live life as they were children, and there are positives and negatives to that because on one hand, yes, we have to enjoy life, we have to be a little stupid at times, but then again, flip the page and all of a sudden we have to pay bigger prices when things go wrong. This may not apply to everyone, but it certainly does relate to almost all of us.

I get that I’m still young, and at 22 years old, it’s true, I am young, but with life experience thus far, I have learned to be more aware, and although I did enjoy certain things about my childhood, I can’t sit here saying to myself that I didn’t wish sometimes that I was a kid again. I think J. Cole put everything I’m trying to say in the perfect song, School Daze, because it’s true how when we were kids, we didn’t think much of what was going on, but when we grow up and we look back on how easier it was at times, we do look back and say “damn, those were some good times. What I would give to have them back.” But, of course not everyone is the same. Not all of us had great childhoods, and wouldn’t want to relive that past, but there are some memories that you do think about that leave you nostalgic, and uplift your spirits. It keeps us human, it keeps what hope we have in ourselves, because when we were kids we wanted to be any and everything, and as I stated before, that shouldn’t change. I seem to always talk about it, but it always comes back to chasing your dreams, because that’s what the kid in us wants when we grow up, so we owe it to them.

I wrote myself a letter when I was 15 years old. I’m not supposed to open it until I’m 25. The objective of the project was to see if we have achieved the things that we wanted for ourselves 10 years prior. I have 2 more years to open it, but I do remember some of the things I wrote, but not all of it in its entirety (I hope I can still read my own handwriting, because I had some terrible penmanship). The point I’m making from this, is that we owe it to the kid in us to want to do better for ourselves, and do whatever we can to make our dreams attainable, despite whatever that’s going through us.

Growing up has its pros and cons, we can’t stop the inevitable, we can only adapt to the changes. We can either make it work for us, or make it work against us. I’d hope to think that people would want to make it work for themselves, but hey, tough times don’t last, some people don’t, but tough people always do. You have to roll with the punches, and with the bruises and scars that we get through the battles, I guess that’s why they call it growing pains.

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