Throwback Album of the Day – AZ – Doe or Die

I must admit, I was an AZ fan back in the day, but I really did forget about this album over the years, I’m not going to sit here and lie and tell you that I’m a serious hip hop head, because I’m not really, but this album? My gosh, it’s amazing how AZ didn’t blow up to become one of the greats, because he could & should have been. His style is what I compare to with Chuuwee a lot, because of the same prowess that is heard on every song, and the hunger in their voices. You can almost hear them salivating like Lions as they stand over their prey about to feast.

Okay, if I just made you hungry, I apologize, I just had some WICKED Spaghetti & Meat sauce, so forgive me.

But, in all seriousness, AZ is a hip hop legend, and quite arguably one of THEE MOST underrated rappers of all time. People say that Big L was underrated. No, Big L died too soon. If he had lived on, The Notorious B.I.G & Jay-Z may not have been relevant, but then again, we can’t predict history, only live to tell the stories.

This album is a must grab. I downloaded it straight off my Nexus Galaxy (Powered by Android), and yes that was a BLATANT plug for the phone with no advertising money. Oh ya, I do this. But what I’m about to do is let you get this album to bask in hip hop greatness. It makes you miss the 90s huh?

*Moment of Silence*

Alright. Enjoy.

P.S LMAO @ THE COVER! The font, the colours. God, I miss the 90s

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