What Do You Believe In? – Vent VI

As I was praying for my mother’s safe journey state-side, a thought came into my head. I don’t know what God looks like, I don’t know what Jesus looks like despite all of the pictures from two different sides tell me different stories, but I believe in a higher power. I’m not a devout Christian, I don’t regularly attend church, I don’t read my Bible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t believe in His works.

The problem is that, humans aren’t perfect, as we all know, and I feel that a lot of things that humans right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s correct. I don’t personally feel that we should all live by what one book says, because there are plenty of good people in the world who I’m sure haven’t read the Bible a day in their lives, but when people ask them if they have, they get looked at a certain way. Why? Isn’t that just being hypocritical towards your own faith? It doesn’t make sense to me, and that’s why I don’t bother with religion.

But, I have to be mindful that there are many different faiths, and we’re all different. Some of us are Christians and don’t judge others for what they believe in, some people are Muslim and don’t believe that violent actions are “Allah’s doing,” and so on and so on. Having faith and being religious really are two separate entities, because you can have faith outside of a power in your religion. You can have faith in simple ideas like World Peace or the Equality of Man, and the list goes on. Having hope is essentially realistically wishing for things to come, it may not always turn out that way, but it’s the truth, and it keeps people positive for an outcome they want to have.

There’s a lot of power of believe. There are books that tell you what things are supposed to mean, and they’ll try to explain to you what your life will be like if you’re a certain way, but that’s bullshit to me. If you have a belief in something, you shouldn’t have to follow some guideline to where you want to be. Granted, a lot of people’s beliefs aren’t exactly positive, and people have minds that can cause damage to others, but the statement still remains that having a belief doesn’t come from words on a book. It comes from within. It manifests in our cerebrum and eventually expands past just us, and it can influence others. That’s the power of the mind working.

The ever popular book (and movie, if you watched it) entitled ‘The Secret’ is one that talks about the power of the universe. That all comes back down to having a belief in something. You want a nice house and a nice car, you visualize it, and you believe that you’ll get it. The point I’m trying to make with all of this goes back to religion. There are a lot of people who feel like you can’t get ahead without a relationship with God. False. 100%. I don’t believe that, and I never will. I refuse to believe that if I’m not close with God, nothing in my life will come for me, or if I have a relationship with God, it’ll make me a better person. We all sin, we sin even when we don’t think we’re sinning, and why is that? It’s because from when we were little kids, we were told that “God is watching,” and “God is always around us,” and whatever other phrases related to that were. I never really bought into it as a child because it was hard work and determination that got me into college, it was persistence that got me my first job, and yes, having faith and belief did have a role during the time period, I wasn’t heavily giving myself to God for those accomplishments, because a lot of it was my own doing.

I’m not going against what religion stands for, I’m simply stating my own beliefs, and there are people who may agree to some of the stuff that I’m saying. I’ve had talks on religion with a lot of people, and the most important person being my mother. She’s taught me a lot about life, and we share the same views, because we’re not religious, but we have faith and beliefs in the world around us that things will come together as they may. No one knows what Heaven looks like, but people think that we live in Hell. This is where I make music references:

Below The Heavens – Blu

“Somebody once told me that I’m already in hell
Freedoms a state a mind
And just the heart of me’s in hell
I free my slave mind so a part of me’s in hell
And when it’s hard to breathe, a part of me inhale”

Heaven & Hell – Kendrick Lamar

“Niggas hatin’, bitches hatin’ babies dyin’, bullets flyin’
Helicopters, police sirens, preachers lying
Genocism, criticism, unemployment, racism, burning buildings
Aids victims, cancer killin’ no cure
Oil spillin’, turmoil, poverty stricken
Police brutality kickin’ ass of us Africans, hostages in afghanistan, not to mention another prison
Child molesting, cow intestines, botox injection
Earth quakes thats government tested, secret society weapon
Opium plat manifested then turn to crack then invested amongst us blacks just a message to hold us back
Break depression amongst iraq, no direction no google map
Just a tec for the soowoop swervin, izuzu then blah blah blah, adolescents go coocoo, mothers are boohoo crying
The governor keeps us starvin’, these commercials keep us buyin’, these cigarettes supermarkets fill up our liver with triumph
Distincted livin’ with science, no place to live in, no Zion, see thats forbidden, we fryin’
My nigga what it look like? Thats exactly what Hell look like”

Heaven & Hell – Raekwon

“What do you believe in? Heaven or hell?
You don’t believe in heaven cause we’re livin in hell
So it’s your life”

The general point I’m conveying in this, is that we all have different beliefs, we all have faiths, but what do you believe in? What drives your motivation daily? It can be a spiritual presence, but it can be complete derivatives that you’ve conjured up yourself. All in all, I have to end this with a Frank Ocean quote: “We’ve all got to believe in something.”

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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