(New Album) Pineapple Now Laters – BJ The Chicago Kid

I don’t listen to R&B very often, so I don’t really know who’s really good to listen to (although, I have to get into Miguel, because he’s actually pretty good), but one artist that I have been following for a while has been BJ The Chicago Kid. He hasn’t really had a lot of work on his own, except for a mixtape called Taste of ChicagoI first heard him on ‘Truly Yours’ which was a song on Diz Gibran’s album Soon You’ll UnderstandHe has that soulful voice that is almost gospel like. I’m not one to just openly listen to R&B, but he did leave an impression on me. He released ‘His Pain’ a couple of weeks ago, and from then, I was anticipating the album. unfortunately, it got pushed back slightly, but it’s here now, and since I’m currently listening to it, I’m loving every minute of it. I bought this album, and I’m glad that I did. Got my money’s worth on this one. Don’t be thrown off by the title (trust me, I was too), but it does have its relevance, and the theme is consistent throughout the album, so grab this, enjoy this, and follow BJ on Twitter

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5 thoughts on “(New Album) Pineapple Now Laters – BJ The Chicago Kid

  1. wow, i just found this artist on itunes, and it’s rocks!
    beautiful voices amazing an deeply emotional voice i really appreciate his album
    yes you really have to got this album worth every euros-dollars spend !!

    can stop listenning to it, and like you i’m lovin every single minute of this album!

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