Throwback Album of the Day – Axis: Bold As Love – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Since recently listening to Kid CuDi’s leaked WZRD disappointment, I happened to state that he wanted to be Jimi Hendrix so bad, but at the same time, Hendrix had GOOD music, and that title is closer to Lenny Kravitz than it is CuDi, so he’s going to have to fall all the way back on that one.

I swear, I wish I was a teenager when Jimi Hendrix was out. His music was groovy, and as far as being a black kid, he brought a cool vibe to the notoriously white, rock music (even though Blacks invented it, but I’m REALLY not trying to get into that). Jimi brought a sound that was loud, trippy (way before Juicy J knew what being trippy meant), and it was at a good time, because everyone in the 60s was high on something, so this was the perfect additional blend to satisfy the high, sort of like how smokers relate to Curren$y today. The trend starts somewhere, right? Exactly.

This is a great album, and I only really came across it about a couple of months ago because I felt the need to really expand my musical horizons, so I just went with the greats, Jimi being one of them. Rock from the 60s and 70s is the only type that I can really listen to, because then it just got louder, noisier, and more angry. I’m not with all of that, so I just stay in my lane and hang around these cool cats.

Everyone needs a little change-up in their lives, so why not experience something new today? It’s never too late to get familiar with the past. That’s why we’re left with things to learn about, so that we can look at the imposters of today and vehemently shake our fists at them in outrage (I’m talking to you Kid CuDi & Wiz Khalifa).

Given the fact that Black History Month was a somewhat, rough one, this Throwback piece should give you some rise out of the depressing month. Enjoy, folks

Bonus Video: Jimi Hendrix performs the Star Spangled Banner @ Woodstock (CLASSIC)

That’s My Word & It STiXX

*tries really hard to mimic Jimi with EPIC air guitar solo*

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