Throwback Album of the Day – Muddy Waters – Redman

Redman put New Jersey on the map. It’s funny how I always thought that he was a member of Wu Tang at some point, because he was always working with Method Man, and creating fire. He was ALSO apart of Def Squad with Keith Murray & Eric Sermon, which was a cool group as well, but when he was on his solo flex, Redman delivered. He was funny, witty, raw, and he still brought quality music. It was not only displayed in his music, but also in the videos and movies that he was in (How High for example). This album is great. Not only did it bring out the best of Redman’s rap ability, but it also showed that he could hang with the big boys, given the fact that he’s been severely underrated. It’s something about New Jersey rappers, huh? Oh well, it’s here now, so enjoy it.

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