Throwback Video of the Day – It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

Today really is a good day, despite the fact that it’s miserable as HELL outside in Toronto. Chuuwee signed with Amalgam Digital, Black Hippy signed with Interscope & Aftermath Records, and my blog (which was only started on January 4th), has surpassed the 10 000 views mark, which I’m just BEAMING over. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t accomplished a lot of significant things in my life, but the fact that people read my stuff, share it out, and come BACK for more? There’s nothing more to ask for. I thank everyone for their support, and putting up with my over abundance of posting all over the place. I’m just really doing this as a hobby. I don’t get paid from this, and I do this on my own spare time. I appreciate every single person that has read my blog, and I really mean that. Thank you very much, and it’ll only get better from here. Thank you

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