Throwback Album of the Dy – 12 Play – R. Kelly

Lord, have mercy. This album is a sheer classic. “CAUTION: MAY CAUSE LEAKAGE IN FEMALE GENITAL AREA” should have been the original advisory, because this one certainly did the ladies a new one. R. Kelly hit his prime as soon as he dropped this album, there’s no denying that. He only continued to get better and better, coming up with new innovative ways in R&B to tell a story and still deliver powerful vocals at the same. damn. time. He’s truly a master of his work, and unfortunately the sex tape scandal will forever haunt him, but if you take that away from what he brought to music, there’s no denying that he is really the King of R&B (please find me someone more suited, then talk to me, but until then, they do not exist). I give you this album, because I feel that it’s right to do. Enjoy this, and if you weren’t into R.Kelly before, or you never had the chance to hear his oldest (and possibly best) album, then here you go. Enjoy.

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