Throwback Video of the Day – Rubbin’ – Choclair

Let me bring it back a few years when Canadian Hip Hop was great and not trying their best to keep up with the Jones’, I mean, Americans. We had our own image, our own personality, and to be QUITE HONEST, it’s pretty much been diminished, because everyone wants to sound like what’s hot right now. I don’t care, you can bash me all you want, it’s pretty damn true, and this is the reason why Canadian Hip Hop isn’t looked at in a respective form as it used to be. Granted, there are some that really stand out from the rest, but it used to be so much better than what it is now. Here’s a sample of what it used to be. People say I look like Choclair, but that’s just saying any dark skin man with glasses, and a bald fade look alike…….SOMEWHAT TRUE, but that’s besides the point. Enjoy.

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