Bringing It Back – The STiXXclusive Vlog: THE FIRST ONE!!

While working on another post (which will be up later this morning or afternoon), I was on Facebook looking through some old photos, and then I came across this video. The ORIGINAL “STiXXclusive Blog.” I started off doing video blogs and posting some notes on facebook before I got to this point in my life, so this is pretty much where it all began. I did this because, my store manager at the time, Rosette, inspired me to start my own blog and do video blogs because she saw my personality, and she had the foresight to tell that I was someone who had something to say to people, and I could be pretty good at it. I love her, and I thank her for inspiring me to do this. Another person who kind of influenced me into doing this was my childhood friend, George. We would always be talking about sports and whatnot, and at this particular time when I did this video blog, it was during the 2007 NBA Finals with the Orlando Magic & Los Angeles Lakers. Good times, and pretty much, I did this to basically talk some crap and whatever. I didn’t think that i would be able to talk for that long, and I didn’t think that I would have carried the momentum from one blog to continue doing it over the next (almost) 3 years. Where ever I end up in life, I’ll always look back on this, because you should never forget where you come from (foreshadowing my next post). Enjoy.

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