The MF Life – Melanie Fiona – The STiXXclusive Review

We’ve been waiting on this one from Toronto’s own Melanie Fiona. She’s been having great progress musically since her debut album The Bridge. ‘It Kills Me’ was a hot song, and one of my personal favourites from her, and that contributed to her success. Her remix with Ceelo Green’s “Fool For You” garnered her a lot of attention, and yet again, it’s just another product of Canada showing out on the biggest scenes, and we the Canadian people (or at least the ones who actually care for her) are proud of her success at only the early beginnings of her hopefully illustrious career. Now, on to the album.

I loved this album. I listened to it at 7am at work, and let me just say that I found it quite enjoyable from start to finish. The feel of the album wasn’t necessarily one that didn’t sound like the same thing over and over again, but there was a common theme of having love and struggling to hold it, as many people could relate to on a day-to-day basis. Relationships aren’t easy, I get that, but I sure do hope that this isn’t Melanie Fiona’s life as she sings it beautifully on this album, because, listen….STiXX is available (call me boo).

The album starts off on a wicked note with an up-tempo beat with a J Cole feature on ‘This Time.’ Now, J Cole isn’t the best when it comes to punchlines, but he got his point across, and the vocals of Melanie made it seem like it never happened in the first place, so that’s all that mattered at that point.

The common arguments that Melanie was singing about were: Trust & lack of communication. She felt as if she was unwanted and mistreated. She’s an emotional wreck. She wants that loving that her man first provided for her, but he’s been neglecting her. Does that sound familiar to a lot of you? Yes? No? I hope not, because that’s sad, for real. Basically from ‘4AM’ to ‘Gone and Never Coming Back,’ those themes are evident. She does a good job in captivating her emotional frustrations with her man, and I’m pretty sure this will be the soundtrack to a lot of women’s lives, and maybe even some men…actually…that’s what Take Care is for, let’s be honest, that is one heartbreaking, simpleton album (Marvin’s Room? Come on). Read my review on that album here

My favourite song on this album has to be ‘L.O.V.E’ with John Legend. A lot of people don’t like Legend, but HOW?! The man is a great singer, he makes amazing songs, so I don’t see where all of the dislike comes from, but everyone has opinions, so I have to give them that, I’m just stating mine. This album’s production was SO-LID! It changed often varying from contemporary R&B to somewhat pop rock, and even touched on some jazz & soul. I swear the guitar solo from Kanye West’s ‘Devil in a New Dress’ from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, because the solo in ‘Break Down These Walls’ was pretty much the same thing, and it just further enrages me that the Grammys didn’t nominate his album for Album of the Year, but you know what? I’m chillin.’

This album reminded me a lot of Alicia Keys’ Element of Freedom, because the themes pretty much ran the same within, and the songs sounded alike; ‘Unthinkable’ was written by Drake, and I swear ‘I Been That Girl’ was heavily influenced by him as well if you listen to it, his flow is reminiscent. The production value of it and the vocals (even though I wouldn’t put Melanie Fiona up there just yet) are what made me think of that album. It may just be me, but this is why it’s my review, right? Exacccctly. Anyways, it was also good to hear Nas on this album, and B.O.B wasn’t bad, EVEN T-PAIN (on the Bonus track ‘6 AM) DID HIS THING! SHOCKING!

Overall, this is a great R&B album, and although I’m not a serious R&B fanatic, it definitely gets my stamp of approval. When I can find a copy somewhere in Toronto, I’ll be purchasing it, most definitely, because it’s worth the money. But, as for now, if you’re stuck in the same boat as me, the link is attached to the picture, BUT, I still recommend that you buy it, which is why the iTunes link is there as well, but I want an actual hardcopy. Enjoy this album, and keep it on rotation for those nights of frustration, or even if you just want to listen to good music. But, for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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