Animated Short – The Pendulum

This piece was referred to me by @RegularJTM, and I must say that, I’m glad he forwarded this to me, because it’s really good. A pendulum is a piece of a clock that swings back and forth because of momentum. It keeps going on and on and on. Think of an old school Grandfather clock, and you’ll know what it is.

Life has a limit, but it doesn’t limit us from the possibilities that we can achieve out of it. We go through a lot of experiences, good and bad, but the common theme is time. We sometimes wish that we could stop time and do it all over again, but unfortunately, we can’t, and we must move forward as the pendulum of our lives swing. This is a great video showing how time really is short and before we know it, we’re somewhere in our lives reflecting on what could have been if things were different. Appreciate the time that you have now, before your pendulum comes to a stop. Enjoy.

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