Throwback Album of the Day – Dangerously In Love – Beyonce

You mean to tell me that this woman has been doing her thing solo for almost 10 years now? Amazing. She’s definitely a living legend when you talk about her impact in music when it comes to talent & success. I’m pretty sure you can write a book about her (someone will) of simply her accomplishments in life before marrying Jay-Z & recently becoming a mother to Blue Ivy. She’s one of those talented acts that will be hard to (or even impossible to) replace (ironic, because she made a song called ‘Irreplaceable’). This debut album of hers is a great one, and pretty much half of the album was either a music video or it was on the radio, OR it wa sin the club. You couldn’t avoid them, and you most certainly couldn’t avoid her for YEARS, even when she was in DC. So…with all of that being said, enjoy the album, and relive the beginning of a legacy.

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