Throwback Album of the Day – The Score – Fugees

I don’t know how I let this album go on without being posted for this long, because it’s a great album, there’s no doubt about that at all. This is one of the more iconic hip hop albums, coming from one of the most iconic groups, although their career was short-lived, this album will remain a classic. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean & Pras formed a dynamic trio that brought great songs touching from the struggle, to their superiority in hip hop with a bravado style. They set the bar, when it came to groups (well, trios at least) because there were just a bunch of imitators after them. I don’t know how people seem to forget about how great they were. They’re Caribbean style mixed with their American influence made them one of the more unique groups at that time, and all 3 of them brought different styles that made them work in a cohesive fashion. This is an album that shouldn’t go unheard, so enjoy this, folks.

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