Throwback Album of the Day – Things Fall Apart – The Roots

If you’ve followed this blog, you’d know that I’ve had multiple ‘Roots’ related posts, except for a throwback album, and I felt like this album is one that deserved to be posted, despite the fact that they have many great albums. This was really their break out album and people found a large respect for them. They’re still considered part of the Hip Hop genre, and even though they’re a band that people would mistake for rock music, which is a STUPID misconception, they’re pioneers in the game because they went the extra mile with their funky style and through the drumming of ?uestlove & the lyrics fuelled by Black Thought, they managed to influence a lot of people to go beyond the norm, and expand on their horizons by using other sources to drive their musical passions. Or maybe that’s just how I see it, but either way, they’re important to hip hop just as much as any other groundbreaking act, so respect should be paid where it’s due. Aside, from all of that, this is a great album. Enjoy it.


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