I Don’t Know Why…OH WHY?! – Vent XVI

This dreaded question with only one word opens up bottles and bottles of endless answers. Why? It’s supposed to be just a simple thing to answer, right? Wrong. It’s way more complex than what we imagine it to be, and there’s no other explanation but this: Everyone’s reasoning is different; we don’t all share the same ideas and views, so of course we’re going to often be on the other side of the fence at times when we’re verbally at war with another. Why? Because that’s just how humans are, that’s how they’ve always been, and that’s how it will forever be until Jesus (or whatever world-ending miracle you believe in) comes down and sends us all back to our origins: Space & Matter.

What’s the reasoning behind this post? Well, my friends, life is full of a lot questions that no one but ourselves can answer: Why am I broke? Why can’t I find a decent job? Why can’t things just go my way for once?

These are questions that we have to ask ourselves sometimes to really gain perspective in what we’re doing that is influencing those questions to be asked. You’re asking why you’re so broke? Look at your bank account, go through your statements, and you’ll find the answer. You can’t find a job? Re-evaluate your resume, maybe it’s how you present yourself, maybe you need to develop better working habits, or review what it is that you want and take a different path to getting it. Life won’t always go your way unless you make it go your way. Watching this Will Smith words of enlightenment video, he explains that you have to command the universe to make it work FOR you. It’s all in you to make a change in your life and make things happen for you in order to get ahead.

Why do people worry about things that they can control? They worry about their friends talking bad about them, they worry about if they’re going to make it last with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They worry about how they’re going to live in such dreadful conditions. Worrying is something that’s seriously a disease to your own well-being. I hate worrying about things, because there’s no problem in the WORLD that doesn’t have a solution that’s available to you. The thing is, people get lazy. People get complacent. People believe that things will just eventually get better without them having to do anything but live the same life with no change. What world do you live in if that happens? No successful person got ahead in life because they were stuck on the same gear doing the same generic thing for years on end. No, they went outside of the box and instead on focusing on “Why,” they focused on “How.” How can I limit myself from being broke? How can I make life go my way? How can I affect change amongst others? These are the questions we should ask because there’s more positive than negative when we ask them.

People give up too easily and they wonder WHY they weren’t able to live up to their fullest potentials. The responsibility is on us to make change and progress and stop asking why so much, and focus more on “how.”
I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, I just observe so many people around me and they could be doing a lot more than what they’re doing right now. Laziness is a disease; settling for something that isn’t your 100% potential is the worst thing you could possibly do, so why do it? What purpose does that serve?

I was having a conversation with my good friend Mirna (the creator of Yugopinionated) about a month ago, and as I always do, I asked her what her talents were and she said “I don’t think I have any.” She told me that she didn’t believe that she had anything particular that she was exceptionally good at, but as I was typing this post on my phone, she called me and told me that she’s a finalist to go to Cuba because of a school project that she worked her ass of on. She works a lot. She dedicates herself to a lot of work, because she’s a motivated woman. If there’s anything that I know about talent, a great quote that I got from watching ‘Grimm’ was that, “You don’t know where it comes from or what made it, but it lifts us all from the misery of average.” To get to my point, Mirna was wrong; she does have talent. She has a talent of being an exceptionally hard worker in any field, and a lot of people wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of hard work she actually puts in to make a living and to still enjoy their lives during that course.

That just instills my point of turning Why’s into How’s. Why decide to settle for mediocre and average living, when you’re meant for something more? Why wouldn’t you want to do something great for yourself and inspire others to do the same? Why not? How will it hurt you? It won’t if you never try.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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