Throwback Album of the Day – The Great Adventures of Slick Rick – Slick Rick

RICK THE RULERRR! One of the best storytellers in hip hop, Slick Rick’s first album is an undeniable classic. I still listen to Children’s Story repeatedly, because of just how creative he was when he told the story. He was animated, humorous, and it was dealing with current issues, but he made light of them in a way that it was still entertaining and informative. A great blend to have for a first album, I would definitely say so myself. Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh have ‘The Show’ one of the best hip hop songs ever (not on this album), and also ‘La Di Da Di’ (we like to party *Harlem shakes*), and that pretty much solidified Rick’s style and his creative ways rubbed off on a lot of people. A great album, and definitely one worth listening to. Enjoy.

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