The Raven – The STiXXclusive Review


            Gore in any movie turns me right off; I hate it, and that’s the problem with ‘horror movies’ these days. Whatever happened to just straight up scaring someone psychologically, and really getting into people’s heads? Gore has seemed to be the main driving force behind a lot of thrillers, and it’s simply for shock value. That’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but you know what? It’s effective because people go out to get a good scare here and there. The reason for the rant is because there was gore in this movie. There were times when I had to cover my mouth a bit and contain my stomach movement; yes, you can say that I don’t have the stomach for gore, which explains why I’ve only watched 1 Final Destination movie; half of it, I might add that I’ve never (yes, EVER) watched any of the Saw movies. But, this movie was based on poetry that was written in a gruesome, cold-hearted, and dark manner; all written by the legendary poet – Edgar Allen Poe.

            William Shakespeare & Edgar Allen Poe are the only poets in my household in which my mother and I have the complete works of. Poe’s stories were always mysterious, and as you read into them, you felt a cold shiver down your spine as if someone was running an ice-cube down your bare spine. Picture that imagery, and now throw in a few million dollars for a budget, and make a movie about it. What I was expecting in this movie was a thriller, what I got in reality is a well done movie that certainly didn’t stay away from the over emphasis of extreme emotions in the negative way. John Cusack did a great job in portraying the Author as a drunken artist that was suffering from a writer’s block, trying to find inspiration at the bottom of a whiskey bottle (as many writers are known for their alcohol & drug abuse: See – Stephen King). Creative writing is different from self-expression, because you’re essentially painting an image into the minds of others through your thoughts and your hands, simply conjured up from the fabrics of your wild imaginations. It’s something that a lot of people are just born with; the gift of gab and the great ability of storytelling.

What happens when you have an admirer of your work that takes their obsession to the next level by bringing it to life? That would freak me out, as it probably would everyone. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (or, so I think it does), but as Marcus from Smart Guy has taught me, “there’s a fine line between genius and insanity.” Insanity truly showed its face in this movie. I loved how the story played out, more than the actual acting itself, because it wasn’t anything spectacular aside from Cusack, but when they all quoted poetry, it was nice to hear (I’m a sucker for poetry). The main thing to watch in this movie was the constant ‘game’ that was being played in trying to solve the mystery of a missing loved one (you know I don’t spoil anything, so that’s pretty much the only hint I’ll give). I’m not going to lie, I thought I had this one all out before the movie ended based on clues from the movie, but then I got slapped in the face at the end. Yes, it’s one of THOSE movies.

If you know Edgar Allen Poe stories, this will be a movie for you to enjoy; if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy the plot around it and the wild chase during the movie that the characters take to get to a great finish. Like I said, acting wasn’t fantastic, it was more for the story (and you may have to pack a strong stomach with you for a few scenes, unless you have more strength than I do). I’m sure you’ll enjoy it nonetheless, but this is my opinion, this is my review

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2 thoughts on “The Raven – The STiXXclusive Review

  1. I thought the acting was so lacking even from Cusack. You’re right though, when we discover who the killer was it was a shock.

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