Throwback Video of the Day – Pimpin’ All Over the World – Ludacris x Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino was rumoured to be dead like 1000 times, I swear to God, but at one point, he was one of the biggest names in R&B (briefly…very briefly), since he had ‘Slow Down,’ which was a HUGE track. But, the main point is the video. The song, from the lacklustre Red Light District Album, is about one thing, and one thing only: girls all over the world. Now, if we go back into our Luda-History, we know that he had ‘Area Codes‘ (featuring the Late Nate Dogg), so I’m guessing he picked up and travelled a lot (even shouted out Toronto). On the album version, Money Mike is at the end and goes through what is & isn’t ‘Pimping.’ Hilarious. Enjoy the video.

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