(Mixtape) TYPD – Things Young People Do – Big Page

Hip Hop has its controversies, and they involve various artists. THe more notorious ones are in the states, but Toronto has its fair share of beef. If you live in Toronto, the Big Page vs. Drake saga isn’t foreign to you. You’ve known about it for years, tracks were made, videos were mad, documents were brought out, and sides were chosen. Page’s mixtape was supposed to come out YEARS ago, but for reasons that I don’t even know, it got pushed back. It’s finally surfaced, and the expectations for it were to be nothing less than GREAT, but what we got was something GOOD. He touched on various subjects like time away from the city, being in Europe, and of course addressing (subliminally) the beef between him and Drake, but showing that he’s still a man of music and has to work to put in; have to respect him for that. He shows off a variety of flows plus displays his singing (more than I would have liked to hear, but rappers nowadays want to be versatile, so I won’t knock it that much). It’s good to finally get something out from Page, so that I don’t have to hear shit from Drake fans anymore (they get highly annoying). Anyways, check it out, and discover more Toronto artists that aren’t named Drake. It’s not fair to the others. Enjoy.

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