Welcome to ‘Tales of the Tatts’

For a while, I was thinking about getting a tattoo. It’s actually been a few years, to be completely honest, but I’ve always been back and forth about it because, I really had to think to myself: 1. What do I want? 2. Is it worth it to permanently ink on my skin? 3. Where would I put it? These were all questions that I’ve asked, and I’m still asking. Maybe towards the end of this year or next, I’ll eventually get one, but as for now, I’m still on the other side of the fence. A lot of people I know have tattoos. It is sentimental to them, and the misconception that people get tattoos for fun and for trend is getting even bigger because of celebrities and they’re stupid tattoos all over the place (See – Lil Wayne, Birdman). I created this series, because I want people to talk about the tattoos that are meaningful to them and aren’t afraid to show it to other people, so this is what will be happening.

The first piece comes from one of my Twitter friends (that seems to be the correct term), Rochelle. She has a lot of tattoos, so she’s willing to share 3 of them with us all. Enjoy.

The daffodil is for my moms best friend who died last september from cancer. She was basically my second mom. So every time I look at it I remember her.

This is a skull sitting in a lotus flower with a quote from William Glasser
The quote says “What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today”
The skull represents my past the good the bad and the ugly. The lotus flower represents life and rebirth. I’ve accepted everything I’ve done and moved on from it. Its also a reminder that no matter how bad things get you’ll get over it

The third is simple. Judge not lest you be judged…condemn not lest you be condemned…forgive and you’ll be forgiven. I try not to judge people because I’m far from perfect.

I will be featuring more people with more stories about the meanings of their ink. STAY TUNED!

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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