Tales of the Tatts – Chelsea

This is my second tattoo; this one means so much more – I think that’s why I hardly hurt.


Carnation Flower: I’m a January baby, so my mommy gets me Carnation flowers for my birthday. Probably the only flower I can tolerate.

Treble/Bass Clef Heart:  Music is REALLY big in my family. The heart represents my bond with each of my family (and extended family) members through music. Influences: Reggae – my dad; 60s, 70s, 80s pop/soul/r&b- my mom; 80s, 90’s hip-hop- my older sister; Dance/Electronic/Alt Rock- my older brother. My iPod would sound like absolute shit if they didn’t educate me.

Music on the Staff: The first two bars of Beethoven’s Fur Elise. When I was in my mom’s belly my older sister played it – apparently that calmed me down in there. I haven’t played the piano in years, but I would practice this song for hours!

The Dates: I put my parents birthdays above and below the staff because I’m really proud of them. They’ve stuck by me through a ridiculous amount of foolishness when I was growing up and continue to do so. Also, I obviously wouldn’t exist if they didn’t.

TATTOO ARTIST PLUG: Van The Tattoo Man spent over an hour drawing this out! TDOT INK, Yonge & Wellesley. @TattoosandPussy

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