Tales of the Tatts – Shanice

My first tattoo that I got about 2 years ago is of my mom’s name (L.Rowe). I know it’s a typical, cliché tattoo that everyone gets nowadays. I originally got this when my mom was sick and  was also going through a lot of stress with me and also financially. I also got it because I knew she wouldn’t be AS mad that I got a tattoo of her name lol. I look at it differently now; I use it as a symbol (sort of reminder) that my mother is one of the few people who will have my back permanently (which is why it’s conveniently placed on my upper back). I remind myself every time I am mad at her and every time we fight, that indeed she is still the phenomenal woman who inspired me to originally get this tattoo. Something I’ll never regret for as long as I’m alive.

My second tattoo that I got on my lower stomach, I got it in my second language, French. It says ‘’L’amour n’est pas promis,’’ which is translated to, ‘’Love isn’t a promise.’’ I got this about a year and a half ago, once again it seems like a basic teenage bitter girl tattoo, but there’s also a story behind it. I got this also as a reminder. In my day and age, it seems like searching for that significant someone is SO important, it sometimes distorts your vision on what is really important. I got this to remind me that I shouldn’t go searching for something that isn’t promised, and also not to get discouraged if I don’t achieve this utopia of love with a significant other. Like everything else in life, it isn’t a promise.  If it’s meant to happen, it’ll find its way to me.

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