Fuck Luck – Vent XXIII

Before you react (or if you already did, I really don’t care), this is inspired by Toronto designer – Legends League – who was the creator of the design (and I think the term as well) that pretty much, in a nutshell, says that ‘luck’ doesn’t exist. I believe in this in some way, and here’s why…

You ever get those people come up to you saying “oh my God, you’re so lucky,” “You’re so lucky you got to do that,” or “You’re lucky to have the life you have.” For some people, a lot of people are very fortunate. People are brought into their lives with everything going for them, but a lot of the time, I don’t believe it’s luck. I know that getting lucky exists: Hitting the lottery, being the right caller for a local radio station to win tickets for an event, finding money on the ground, etc.

I believe that a lot of things take hard work, and when you treat yourself after you’ve worked hard, people often mistake that ‘sweet treatment’ as getting lucky – no. Not at all. There’s a lot of bullshit that people go through just to get to where they want to be. People work long hours, make sacrifices DAILY, and a lot of things rarely go right in their lives, because it seems like when they’re progressing, there comes more obstacles to overcome. Hard work, determination, and beating on yourself to develop your craft are the determining factors to gain success.

Luck doesn’t have a whole lot to do with anything. It’s not even remotely close. Luck is having a celebrity notice one of your videos on YouTube, but at the same time, you have to CONSISTENTLY put in work to make videos, promote them, get a buzz, and THEN, hopefully, that one day, you’ll get noticed. But the majority of it is hard work, not luck. Being lucky is a good thing, but at the same time, you can’t take away hard work – ever. It overrides all things, and I think that’s what I feel is meant by the design that Legends League was trying to emphasize. What is luck? Beating a traffic violation? Getting to work on time when you thought in your head you’d be late? Possibly, but everything else comes with hard work. What you put in is usually what you get out of life. The Laws of attraction, I’m a strong believer in. The power of the universe, you’re damn right I’m a believer in that; as, my friend Devon said to me the other day driving to Minnesota, “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual. There’s a difference,” and that is true. Faith, Luck, Belief – all of these are concepts that people cherish and obsess over. They cause issues and people get all heated and flustered – it’s a shame, really. Get over yourselves.

I’m getting off topic, but what I’m saying is that, Life isn’t easy, and too many people rely on getting lucky, rather than working hard to get their way to the top. A lot of people don’t want to work as hard these days to get to where they want to be; they just want to take the easy route and think that everything will just fall into place. The objective to having goals is to work for them, not to just have them all up in the air waiting for them to fall into place – you and I both know that it doesn’t work like that, so don’t live your life like that. Fuck luck.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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