The Stoned Immaculate – The STiXXclusive Review

I didn’t start listening to Currensy a lot until earlier this year. I’ve heard of him since he dropped ‘Smokee Robinson’ because that had Twitter all crazy and whatnot. I’ve heard him on songs with Wiz Khalifa, but I didn’t think much of him because his flow was whatever and I didn’t feel like he had bars at all, so I wasn’t compelled to listen to more of his music. I don’t smoke weed, so a lot of people told me that “you won’t be able to relate to him,” which I think is a bunch of bullshit, but that’s another discussion. Currensy is a dope rapper, after giving him more fair listens (I was stuck on Verde Terrace for a while), and slowly but surely, I’ve become a fan of his, but you won’t see me screaming out ‘JETS’ all of the time. I’m just here enjoying the vibes.

Now, Currensy’s not one of those rappers that you listen to for the deep, prophetic rhymes that will get you thinking deep about life and won’t have you going crazy in the club, and that’s essentially the theme of this album. This whole album was based on his coming up through the countless years of just dropping mixtapes, gaining a strong fan base, and now he’s here with an album, and he’s celebrating his perfection thus far.

Immaculate having no stain or blemish, containing no flaw or error

The path to getting here doesn’t stop for him. The album begins with Wale in ‘What It look Like,’ which talks about where he is right now. What does it look like from the view on top? Jet life means that he’s always high, and that’s what he’s literally emphasizing. He’s flaunting his success, but still remains true to his grind. The album has repetitive subject content that talks about money, cars, weed (indirectly), and his grind. Different beat, same content, but it’s still an enjoyable album to listen to. From ‘What It Look Like,’ the album continues and he raps about the life he’s living here, and wanting others to get on his level. ‘Capitol’ with 2 Chainz is probably the best song on this album. Although, he uses 2 Chainz’ flow on the song, it works well with the beat that’s supplied, and it’s overall enjoyable. To be quite honest, it felt like I was just listening to a luxury rap album. The beats very much so outweighed the lyrical content. He’s had better lyrical projects (See – Covert Coupe & Verde Terrace), so I think for a first album, he just wanted to get some stuff out there, because there’s nothing really captivating about the album that I would go in major detail song by song.

Notable Songs

As stated before, Capitol is the best song because of overall chemistry and Spitta’s use of 2 Chainz style. No Squares (feat. Wiz Khalifa who gave an above average verse) which was basically a shout out to the haters. Take You There (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius) was a good song about wanting to bring people with him on his journey to success. Chasin’ Papers had a good vibe to it, even though I thought the beat was so weak and Pharell on Autotune annoyed THEE SHIT out of me. There was a good theme to it, but again – more redundant raps. Here’s The Thing (Feat. Estelle) is a good song for the one you care about. It’s the good ol’ fashion story – rap star has groupies, and reassures that he’s not doing anything reckless to hurt his girl. He’s given a lot to her to just blow it away, so that’s what this is about. Every album needs one of these songs – this would be it. Chandelier is a song about a past girl – one the better tracks on the album too. It’s one that a lot of people can relate to, so I can give it some positive feedback. Jet Life (Feat. Big K.R.I.T & Wiz Khalifa) is a wicked song too. Wiz had a better verse on this song than he had on ‘No Squares’ and it went back to his roots and brought aggressive delivery to this. I was disappointed that K.R.I.T didn’t have a verse, but he provided a good hook. Audio Dope 3 had a very edgy street feel to it, and it was pretty tight, I won’t lie. It was aggressive, and he was firing shots at SOMEONE, but whom? I don’t even know, but I was digging it. J.L.R (Feat. Young Roddy & Smoke DZA) is the last song, but it’s one of the top 5 songs on the album. The chemistry between him & Smoke DZA is uncanny, and they always do good tracks together, so this one was definitely a good listen. Smoke DZA had a solid verse, and the overall vibe too it was nice.

Here’s my overall view on this album, and I’ve said it already before; as far as this goes, it’s a good first album, but the problem is that, Spitta put out a shit load of mixtapes and independent albums for so many years, I was sort of expecting more and better things from this album. For example, not ONE beat from The Alchemist after Covert Coupe was such a success? Come on now. I get that you have to move with the times, and I know I haven’t been a fan for that long, but I do know enough that it would make sense to mesh what was working for you back then to blend it in with some new styles now. It ‘s a good album, but could have been better. Still one to listen to, because we all have those days when we just want to lay back and get high to some good music (well, not me, because I don’t smoke, but still).

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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