Men In Black 3 – The STiXXclusive Review

Good things come in threes; I have a shirt that says it, it’s a mantra of life, and more often than not, it’s the truth. Trilogies are also picky because if you have a bad sequel, people won’t really care for the rest of the trilogy (or saga if you’re Star Wars), and the 2nd movie is pretty much the deciding factor for determining whether the 3rd will be worth it to watch.  Most movies that have great beginnings have bad (or, less than spectacular) finishes (Godfather 3, X-Men 3, Spiderman 3 are some examples).

With Men in Black, this was still a determining factor whether this was going to be a great finish or a flop. Now, Will Smith summer movies rarely disappoint (Just as my mind flashes back to Hancock) and he’s not one of the best summer movie actors of all time for no reason. This was the last installment of the series that has been ongoing for about 15 years now, with the last one coming out 10 years ago. 10 YEARS?! Yes, a full decade. It’s crazy how things can change so much and still it’s a bit relevant to Hollywood. I will admit, when I saw that this was announced, I was excited, but then I was like “what’s the point?” It’s been forever and a day (no reference to Big K.R.I.T) since the last movie, so why still go through with it? Well, I’m not a filmmaker (yet), so of course there are always reasons for long delays, so we’ll let this slide for now.

When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to flop, I thought it was going to be corny, and I was like “man, do they think this was a good idea to resurrect for the sake of resurrecting? Like, I know Jesus rose in 3 days (so they say), but come on man. Josh Brolin was known more for the serious roles, so I wondered how he would take on the sarcastic, dry humoured role of ‘K’ in this movie. I was kind of nervous, but still whenever you see Will Smith in a summer blockbuster movie, it’s a good summer. He just sets it up perfectly, but let’s move on.

I liked this movie – I had to slowly get into it, because I felt some parts were like “laugh-in-your-head-funny” and not “laugh-out-loud-funny.” Will Smith was still the cocky, yet intelligent, Agent J, and since he had 14 years under his belt (which he’s proud of saying repeatedly throughout the movie), he has more swagger to his walk, and more attitude, but you can tell he’s the big man because he’s getting “too old for this” and that’s natural for anyone who’s been working 10+ years fighting off inter-galactic criminals, right? Or is that just them? I don’t know.

In the ending of all trilogies, everything just decides to rise to its greatest impactful plots and then secrets from the past come about in the last movies (again, unless that’s just me who notices that, then disregard all of that). Men In Black is one of those movies that I didn’t know was based off a comic book series, so I wasn’t sure if I needed to pay attention to anything, but that’s not my forte; I just watch these things. The Earth is in danger, gotta save your partner, and do it by any means without changing the world events (or in this case, you have to), and get back in time before devastation. Pretty much your typical Alien, action hero movie, right? Right.

Will Smith is a great actor – there’s no other statement to put it that way. He’s one of those actors that you can be sure you’ll get 100% entertainment in any performance. We’ve known this since the days of Fresh Prince, so this isn’t really a surprise. The surprise was Josh Brolin’s role as the younger Agent K. He captured the essence of Tommy Lee Jones’ character spot on, and he did a good job with it, also by adding in his witty humour in there to make the chemistry with himself and Will Smith a memorable one.

The action was there, the humour was there, and also the storyline was consistent enough. Simple, yet effective – that’s how it should always be (unless you’re Christopher Nolan and you like to fuck with people’s brains, then by all means). I enjoyed this movie, it was worth my money, and to round off the trilogy, I felt that it was a good job, and definitely one to add to the trilogy when it comes out on DVD. A fun time with friends, so head out and enjoy this summer goodie. But, for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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