Tales of the Tatts – Alyssa

My 2nd tattoo – I got a Scorpio symbol, which I might be covering up or getting retouched because the artist I went to sucks.

My 3rd tat I got is my son’s name, Aiden, with his birthday under it (July 27, 2008). Since everyone has their kid’s names tattooed on them, I wanted to do something different, so I turned the ‘A’ into the Leo symbol.

I have 2 Chinese symbols on my thighs, my 4th & 5th tats. The top one means dragon, because I am year of the dragon. The bottom one means fire, because my son’s name means ‘little fire.’ 

My “papa” tattoo was my 6th tat. He was a huge part of my life & I lived with him for a few years after I left my mom when I was 15. I got this tat on October 9th, the day he was born.

My 7th tat is ‘No struggle no progress’ because I have struggled to get to certain areas I want to be in life. I am motivated by struggle. I believe you have to work hard if you want to progress in life. Nothing in life is free, we must work hard for what we want & sacrifice things sometimes.

My 8th tat is “ND” for both of my brothers ‘Nick & Dillon’

My 9th tat is ‘love is pain’. I got this to remind me sometimes my loved ones will hurt me. Especially my mom. She has hurt me many times in my life, but at the end of the day she is my mother & nobody else can replace that. Even though she has caused a lot of pain & hurt, I still love her. Our loved ones WILL hurt us, but at the end of the day my love is never-ending & I will continue to love everyone I call family.

My 10th tat says ‘hold onto what you love. stay true to what you know. Take everything you dream of & never let it go.’ I saw this quote actually in the magazine ‘inked’ and it really touched me. I think this quote is beautiful and explains exactly what I believe in. I decided to get vine work around it & I will be adding more onto the bottom of it. What I will be adding, by the end of this year, is more vine work and my mom & grandma’s birth month flowers.

My 11th tat is a breast cancer ribbon. My great grandma & my grandma are both survivors of breast cancer. I lost my aunt to breast cancer so this tattoo is in memory of her.

Most of these tattoos were done by: Travis from Lucky 13, located at Bathurst & Bloor (east of Bathurst). He’s only there for the summer, so check out his work, and if you want to capture something memorable in ink, then hit him up.

One thought on “Tales of the Tatts – Alyssa

  1. I’m a random 20=something chinese here. Your chinese words are mirrored, it’s suppose to be 龍 and 火.

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