Savages – The STiXXclusive Review

You know, drugs are bad, mmkay? South Park taught us that, teachers tried telling us that, our parents tried preaching that, but we, as the youth, being the rebellious crowd that we are, of course we would go against their words and try it. When we try it, we like it, we want more, but what happens when an idea comes to mind and you feel like making your own? Well, that’s the premise of this movie. 2 guys (one a genius, one a jarhead) start a marijuana company; they’re independent, no biggie, but of course there will be competition from all over and threats being made to catch attention, but what happens when threats become more real than expected?

I guess I should say this from now; this movie…not all that great as I expected it to be. I really don’t know what I expected, but it was alright. Here’s why – 1 name. Blake. Lively. I never watched Gossip Girl or Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (1 & 2), but I did watch ‘The Town,’ in which she played the role of a drugged-out single mother banging her ex. This movie, she’s a drugged out young adult banging 2 best friends who basically share her (weird….). The acting in this movie really made it difficult for it to be taken all that serious. The plot is pretty much Wal-Mart trying to buy out the little guys (funny, because there was a reference to Wal-Mart in the movie) and when the little guys say no, well you know that’s a slap in the face of the big guys, so they go after something valuable.

This was your typical ransom type of movie, but let’s focus on Blake for a second; her acting SUCKED! She really made this in what should have been a serious movie, into more of a comedy. I really thought that this was supposed to be an action thriller, but it was like an action/romantic-comedy. I wasn’t thoroughly impressed by it, and acting was mainly to blame. John Travolta is getting old, man. It’s been a long time since Pulp Fiction & Saturday Night Fever. It’s showing too, but he was whatever for his role. Salma Hayek, hellooooooo NURSE! I’ve never really seen her play the bitch role in a movie, but she was pretty entertaining with it. Benicio Del Toro…whenever it’s a drug movie like this, I think back to ‘Traffic,’ but of course this isn’t the same movie, so I should stop all comparisons there. He was entertaining though.

Here’s the problem with this movie; it tried SO HARD to be an intense & gritty movie, but it seemed so forced, that people were in the theatre laughing, when clearly it wasn’t poised to be a comedy. The dialogue, the tone, and the execution were average. In the beginning I expected it to be crazy, but it didn’t pan out that way. Blake Lively should never narrate a movie ever again in her natural born life; her voice is so annoying, and it took the seriousness out of the movie from the beginning. Maybe that was the intent, but from the trailer, it didn’t seem that way. This is a rental; don’t waste your dollars in theatres, unless someone is taking you and you’re not paying. That’s just my opinion, this is my review

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