On July 22nd, there was an event that I attended (and performed) at a Sheesha Lounge. The event was called ‘LIMITLESS,’ and the theme of the night was ‘Dreams.’ People singing, rapping, doing spoken word, reciting poetry, and overall just expressing themselves in a way that many people wouldn’t usually do around a group of people. Hosted by my friends Alexxa & Dre, we really didn’t expect to know what the turn out would be, but people came out and when performers started coming out and expressing themselves, it was like a snowball effect of positive emotions and the talent that spilled out was amazing.

One highlight from the night (not to take away from the other great performers) was a spoken word artist named Ritalin (yes, sort of like the drug that children diagnosed with ADD). His fiery approach when he spoke into the microphone really hit home as he talked about the issues & struggles of racism and other issues as he taught the audience about a history of civilization and “where we’re from,” to quote an excerpt from his piece. He’s from the same area I grew up, so I felt really good to know that he was doing so well and we essentially share the same common link when it comes to dealing with the struggles of inner-city living.

We had a guitarist by the stage name of ‘Monday’ and she belted out a soulful voice while providing a smooth vibe on her acoustic guitar. A high school friend of mine, Anika, I recently reconnected with only a few weeks ago also performed pieces of her own poetry while having Monday aid her with some music. It was beautiful. Honestly, the whole night was beautiful.

The collaboration of JD Keyz (great pianist I met in 2010) and Ritalin was powerful, Keyz also provided his own spoken word pieces, a singer named Divina also provided a soulful punch, and the stories of these people as they talked about their dreams and being ‘limitless’ when it came to achieving them was truly inspirational.

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone knows in which way they want to go on about achieving it; this event helps people come around other people to really help them get their voices heard by others whoa re going through the same thing, or even get inspiration from people who are actually living their dreams currently. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s something that doesn’t happen often. I have to thank the Underground Elite for putting this together, and the people who came out and showed support in a positive way in this negative time period for the city of Toronto. It was amazing, and many more of these will come down the road, because of the general response from this event. Be sure to come out to the next one if you’re in the city; it just may change your life.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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