Wear & Tear – Vent XXVII

‘Wear & Tear’ is a term that I only learned from a reference of car tires. The tires are what keep you moving forward. Of course you need an engine to power your vehicle, but the tires enable you to go forward, reverse, make turns, and drive long distances. The tires have rubber that rubs off on the road, and that happens naturally. God forbid that you blow a tire because of an unfortunate event, but the marks come off the tires ever so slowly and surely. It’s important to apply pressure to them and rotate in order to keep up with longevity. Sometimes (depending on where you live) you have to change the tires because of Winter. Overall, you need to take care of your tires, and in this case, tires can mean anything, but in this case, your tires are a metaphor for your stamina, your drive, and your ability to move forward.

There’s only so much you can do with one set of wheels. You’re the car in this instance, and you know how it goes: you have to commute, you work, you commute again, fill up on gas, and go back at it again – it’s a daily cycle. It happens more often than you’d like it to. The world is grey & bland. On the odd occasion, you get the chance to add splashes of colour into your life, but it’s mostly grey & monotone, which is boring. Add some colour in your life – it separates your from the depressions in your life.

On the long road in life, your tires will eventually diminish their traction, start to get slippery, and you may crash. You’re going to have to change your tires, which means you have to change-up your lifestyle in order to get back on track. Sometimes, it’s something as easy as driving on a different road. Get off the dirt road and get on the smooth pavement. They both have their pros and cons, but it’s all about which one works for you.

I’m getting a tire change soon – I’m heading to the mechanic and I’m getting my parts in order and then I’m back on the road in a different direction with a clear path in mind. Will there be bumps? Of course. Traffic? Plenty. But like I always say, these obstacles are always temporary, and it’ll all clear up. If you’re going through this similar issue, believe me, you’re never alone. We’re all in this together, even if you’re not going the same speed and you’re on a different highway, we share a common link; we’re all driving somewhere trying to reach a destination of our choice. Can’t do that without the proper parts to get you there in due time, so keep driving, and don’t mind the cracks & bumps on the way. They’re no match for you.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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