T-Ray – Can’t Hear Me

Homegrown talent. Hailing from the suburbs of Toronto, I was put on to T-Ray through fellow friend/rapper, Schoolboyy (No Q). He showed me this video for one of the songs featured on the mixtape, entitled ‘Raw’

He has a sultry voice and a smooth flow. Nowadays when everyone is trying to emulate the style of Curren$y and his flow, it’s really pathetic to see them try, but T-Ray has a distinctive flow and nice bars that can really separate himself from other local acts trying to make a name for themselves. This city is growing, and the talent is slowly emerging from the gaps; it’s only a matter of time.

His first mixtape finally surfaced, and even though I didn’t have high expectations, it didn’t disappoint. A relaxed feel the whole way through (and Schoolboyy does make an appearance on ‘Hustler’s Tendency’), it’s a good one to go on the rotation of your regular listens. Enjoy.

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