Streets – The ‘Not-So-Serious’ STiXXclusive Review

There are so many questions for this movie, but yet not any answers, but the main question that was asked for the duration of this movie was ‘What the hell is going on?’ That was the general question, and even after the conclusion of this movie (I don’t even want to call this a film), there was a lot of head scratches and head shaking to go along with it – truly depressing.

Salute to Azevia (@tryna_be_famous) for having this as his Twitter avatar after the movie

Meek Mill plays himself in a movie that is “loosely” or “supposedly” based on his life coming from running around in the streets and still working on becoming a rapper (others said that it was supposed to be based off a song of his; ‘Tony Story’). Now, I blame Eminem for this, because with the amount of success he had with 8 Mile, rappers found some God forsaken courage and confidence to think that they’re all mini Tupacs & Ice Cubes feeling like they can just go out there and make a movie about “on the come up.” Listen…if 50 Cent taught us anything with Get Rich or Die Tryin’,

then I really have nothing else to say at this point. Why I’m even reviewing this movie is strictly because of my friend TJ. All the blame goes to her. See, what had happened was…I was watching The Count of Monte Cristo, then I found myself on twitter…then this conversation happened:

So pretty much, after that was said, I started to indulge myself into the low-budget quality movie that was Streets. Now, since it was based on his life events, there were some people in the movie that were recognizable (Gillie the Kid & Jahlil ‘Jungle’ Beats), but that didn’t even do this movie justice whatsoever. The acting was beyond atrocious’ they pretty much just said “aye, look..we bout to do this movie, nahmean? Let’s just be real, keep it a hunnit, and swag out.” Or, at least it was along those words, who knows? The point was that this movie was so bad, but yet as my mom likes to say in these situations, ‘it’s like a train wreck that you can’t help to look away from’, and even some people on my TL were feeling the same way:

I can’t bash the movie without at LEAST shedding some light on something that was good, because let’s be fair here; it’s hard to make a movie, but at the same time, if you’re going to invest so much time into making one, at least put in more EFFORT so that it looks like it’s not something a group of college students made using a bunch of Panasonic handy cams.

I’ll give it this, at the ending, when all of the hidden secrets are pretty much revealed, I like the way that it was all tied together because you really had NO IDEA what was going on for the duration of the movie, and this was one of those when it was like, you already started watching it, it’s so bad, but yet since you already started to waste your time, you might as well stick it through to the end. Meek was pretty much the best ‘actor’ when you watch it,

because obviously all he had to do was play himself, and he didn’t have any overblown over-emotional scenes that made him look ridiculous in a sense followed by bad emotional break downs like I watched throughout the movie. There were parts that I felt that could be great, but the acting just…man…listen. Shout out to Rell (who’s from Philly), and even the people in Philly on twitter were dying of laughter as to what was being displayed to the people about his city:

In all seriousness, I get that Meek was just trying to show us, the people who watched this, that it’s about the life he lived, what he experienced while getting to where he is now. It’s about the past that shapes you in your present and future self. A movie on BET may not be exactly the best way to portray that, but uhh…go forth, young man.

Pretty women who can’t act should just stay where they’re supposed to be; on the sidelines, or something, because for real…it was all bad. All of it, but like I said…you really just couldn’t help yourself, but if you asked me if I would voluntarily sacrifice my eyes & ears to watch this movie again, I would definitely tell you to ‘Come Out Di Lane’ and ‘Bird Walk off a bridge’ word to Rae. There’s no country for Z-movies to be viewed more than once, and I don’t think anyone has ever reviewed a ‘Made-for-BET-movie’ so I’ll consider myself the first.

As for Mr. Robert Rameek (spell check?) Harris aka Meek Mill aka Meek Meal aka The Wool Braided Bandit, August 28th was supposed to be the release date for his debut album ‘Dreams & Nightmares’, but he released this movie about living his dream through a series of nightmares, and giving the filmmaking world nightmares AT THE SAME. DAMN. TIME! I’ll give you kudos for having courage to watch this and think that it was a great movie for yourself, but please, for the love of everything right in the world, unless you and the rest of your people get some acting lessons, please…PLEASE, don’t do this again. Jamal Hill, the Director/Co-Writer of this movie – PLEASE…I hope you watch this movie and learn a lot of lessons so that you can develop yourself. It’s…a start…a bad one, but you know what? We all have to start somewhere. But, for real? Don’t do this again. I won’t appreciate it the next time around, if there even is a next time for me to comment on.

This will probably never happen again as far as reviewing made-for-BET-movies or TV movies in general, but ya…I did it because I felt inclined to do so, and also because TJ is an ass for encouraging this behaviour. I knew it would be bad, but damn…not THAT bad. Let this be a lesson for you rappers that want to make movies about your life. WATCH, LEARN, and worst case scenario, just…DON’T do it. Or if you do, make your budget more than $500. That’s it, I’m done.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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