Attack The Block – Talib Kweli x Z-Trip

I only just watched ‘Attack the Block’ a couple of months ago (Shout out to Jamz & Pinky), so when I saw that the title of this mixtape was the same title of the movie, I laughed a bit, but I was advised by Johnathan Lowell (Hip hop producer) to take a listen, and I did. I dig Talib Kweli, and the only mention I knew of Z-Trip was from Frank Ocean’s song ‘Novacane’. Don’t judge me, but it is what it is. The sound of this mixtape had an electronic feel to it, but Talib still held the classic hip hop essence in this tape and it’s pretty cool. I also enjoyed the sound bites from the movie as well. Definitely give this a listen. He has a couple of features from TDE’s own Ab-Soul & Jay Rock, so that tempted me to listen to it more anyways. You should do the same. Enjoy.

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