Chez!!?…Chill!!! – Chuuwee

If you follow Chuuwee’s music and/or tweets, you know that this project has been long overdue, but it’s all good because you have to be patient with these things. This project is inspired by the Late, Great Detroit producer, J Dilla. And Chuuwee was inspired to do a project strictly with J Dilla beats. After hearing a bit of the rough version of this back in February, he’s finally released the full finished product (conveniently enough on his birthday). As opposed to his last tape ‘Chez’, this one is more story driven, although Chuuwee is known for his wordplay & aggressive flow through storytelling, which he’s good at. A rapper that rarely disappoints, this one is another good one from Chuuwee. Next up is WILDSTYLE

Click for download


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