BkYln Project$ – F1rst Class (ChaseN’Sole)

Luxury rap seems to have been the takeover of hip hop. Reason why I say this is because that the idea of having wealth and living the lavish life is the type that many feel accustomed to, and yet this is the style in which hip hop was created: Boasting. Bragging about what you have to stunt over your fellow peers and make other people listening feel like they had to get on the same level as you. That’s the art of hip hop, and in this project brought by F1rst Class (you can see the luxury in the name already), they emphasize two things: Luxury & the Golden era of the 90s.

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Now, when you have artists like A$AP Rocky and Vinny Cha$e with their style of rap and flaunting off brand names that would leave many people tongue-tied, it’s hard to really come across other acts attempting to mimic that style to make it refreshing. This project wasn’t exactly on their level, but it’s still a cool mixtape to listen to because I love the vibe of it. From the remixed mash-up of Tyler, The Creator’s ‘She’, to the overall production of the mixtape, it wasn’t lyrically great, but it wasn’t terrible either.

The duo of Chase Dinero & OG Sole brought back nostalgia of the classic 1,2 combos that were heavily represented in the 90s, and they stuck to that theme while mixing it in with a bit of the present nature of rap. It was pretty good from what I heard, but they could have switched up the content from song to song more often, because a lot of it was sounding really repetitive. Also, ‘Drug Dealer Beamer’ has a great beat; I just wish I heard more rapping that speaking over it. But the thing was that they stayed consistent to the theme of the mixtape: Luxury. That was the point and they stuck to their blueprint. I’ll commend them for that.

From when I first heard of F1rst Class when I was in Buffalo, I knew that they were a talented bunch, and they consistently put out good music, so there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll continue to put out better music as time goes on. Give it a listen, and definitely check out the rest of their stuff on their site

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