Looper – The STiXXclusive Review

Kill or be killed? The old adage is true for everything isn’t it? The hunter has to remain being the predator so that he can avoid becoming the prey that becomes hunted. Survival tactics happen based on instinct, and when your instincts fail you, and you hesitate for an instant…everything can change. That’s what happened in this movie.

            You’re working a routinely timed job. Everything happens at the same time and you repeat this often. Time is a necessary function to maintain order, but when something slips up in this movie and something according to time doesn’t happen, then what happens? You sense that something is off and then your instincts start to question themselves as how to react to a situation when it happens because you’ve been thrown off of your comfort zone. That’s what happens in this movie.

            Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Bruce Willis. One is 30 years older, one is 30 years younger. Can you guess which one is which? Don’t make yourself look like an idiot; I wouldn’t want that for you. Imagine if you could sit across from your future self and look them in the eye. What would you say? What if that future self wasn’t even supposed to be here in the first place for you to have that opportunity? I feel like I’m asking a lot of questions, but I’m telling you that this movie was one filled with a bunch of them, but the thing was…they were answered.

JGL (I didn’t start the abbreviation of his name) plays a Looper. He’s a man whose job is to clean up what the mob leaves for him (it’s in the trailer, so it doesn’t count as a spoiler), and everything is at a set time and a set place, and he makes his earnings, and spends it. It’s quite the regular routine, but we all know how the space-time continuum works, right? If something in the natural balance of time is disturbed then the world can shift as we know it, right? We’re all familiar with that? Good. His natural balance was shifted and Bruce Willis disturbed it, and the good thing about this movie was that it explained both lives and just how they connected with each other. The movie did a good job keeping up with the story while keeping the audience on their seats because there was always something happening, and you literally didn’t know what was going to happen next, so just about everything was a shock; even the ending, I didn’t see that coming.

Every action has a reaction, and simple things can change just what happens in the future. Of course we can’t determine this right now because we can’t foresee our futures, but we’re always altering it in some way, and we’ll never know the outcome until it happens. In this movie, Bruce Willis & JGL had the ability to change their own paths and see what would happen if they didn’t change necessary actions for themselves. It was more than just each one trying to get their lives back; it was more of a growing and understanding of how the world works if they didn’t take necessary actions to prevent unfortunate reactions.

To the reason why I enjoyed this movie is this; it was clear and concise of what was being explained. As I said before, questions were answered and timelines were combed together and beyond what I was exposed to in the trailer, there was an even deeper plot surrounding the life of Joe (JGL/Bruce Willis), and it would push wits, battle emotions and (saddening enough) innocent bystanders would have to pay the price. It was a gripping movie, and good performances by Willis & JGL (Bruce even gave us some ‘Die Hard’ moments, which was awesome), and I definitely recommend this movie to be watched by all. The start of the Fall movie season is promising, so with all of that said, CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE!

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