Petition: An NBA All-Star Game in Toronto for 2015

This is something that was kind of like ‘spur-of-the-moment’, but has been an idea that has been discussed for a while amongst a lot of people, so I’m not the first to come up with this ‘movement’, if you will. Toronto is in the Top 5 of North American cities, and in any poll for Top 20 cities in the World. We’re multicultural, we accept all shapes, sizes & colours, but most importantly, we’re sports fans. We have a team in all but one of the major sports leagues (the NFL, but the Bills have played games here), and our home team, the Toronto Raptors, may not be one of the best teams in the NBA, but the matter is that we HAVE a team in the NBA. The only one in Canada.

            Why does Toronto deserve an All-Star Weekend?

We’ve had a team in the NBA for almost 20 years (Est. 1995), and what better way to celebrate the 20 year history of the franchise by bringing the biggest weekend in the NBA (fan wise) North of the Border in 2015? Many will argue the fact that it’s a cold city in February, but winters lately haven’t been that cold, and we can never predict just how it’s going to be. Besides, if the NFL can have a Superbowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey outdoors in February, why can’t the NBA have an All-Star weekend?

The initiative isn’t for the exposure for the city; we get enough of that through Caribana & Pride during the summer months. We’re already an established city that can draw out millions of people for events. It’s more so for the fans – the ones who’ve never got the opportunity to see all of their favourite players at one place for 3 days. I haven’t, and I’m sure there are a lot of people from even years back that would have loved to see the All-Star game in Toronto when former players were in their prime.

The fans come out to see their favourite players whenever they play the Raptors. Almost all the time, they sell out; Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Bos – never mind. The point is tha,t, people pay to see their favourite players and teams and it’s unfair that the NBA chooses not to have the All-Star weekend in cold cities; it’s something that should be changed, and thus, there’s only one thing that I and my other colleagues affiliated with this want…


            Many people can just say ‘sign the petition’ and leave it alone, but I’ve talked to a lot of people, and they want this to happen here. Think of the possibilities that could happen if this gets pulled off. It’s not about the money, it’s about the experience for the thousands of fans, not just in Toronto, but possibly from other cities that too miss out on the experience because they can’t afford to go to Miami or Las Vegas or Dallas every so often. We want the NBA to recognize that there is more than just one team in Canada. There are thousands of fans that love the NBA period!

            If you love the NBA, and if you live in the GTA or the surrounding area, or even in an area that you can get to Toronto and be apart of the experience, sign the petition, and talk to people about it. The objective is to grab the Toronto Raptors’ attention along with management so that they can actually recognize that this is something that the fans want. Don’t be a sourpuss and shrug it off just because ‘the NBA said…’ anything is possible, and impossible is nothing. Why not try? You really never know.

Sign the petition (see below), Support the cause, and Share this post so that other people can get a grasp of why this is important. Toronto is known for being a city that doesn’t support their own. Maybe the people should try it for once and see what happens from it.

Petition Page –
Twitter Page – @NBAAllStarInTO 
Facebook Page – NBA All-Star 2015 In Toronto

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