Merry Christmas

This year was odd – there were a bunch of good things that happened, and yet some difficult times as well. No matter the situation, the culmination of the events that transpired resulted in the lost feeling of Christmas – it doesn’t feel like it at all, and I’m not the only person to acknowledge that. It must be something in the air, or due to so many recent events that have brought down the mood (Sandy Hook may be one of them). Regardless of what the reason is, that cheer isn’t all there this year.

Christmas is a time of year for family & friends to come together and embrace each other in a day of cherishing. The feeling that you still have people to celebrate with, old or new, is still a reason to have a good feeling towards Christmas. If you’re one that’s been down and/or stressed about this holiday season, remember that you’ve made it through another year and to be grateful and appreciative of those (if applicable) that have still been with there for you. There’s always some good in what seems not to look like there is, so enjoy your Christmas and also the rest of your Holiday season, from us at The STiXXclusive Blog…okay, it’s just me, but you get the idea. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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