Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP

No, it’s not a typo, that’s just how Raekwon himself spelled his latest project. Don’t shoot the grammatically challenged. It’s been a long time since Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and arguably, The Chef has been the most consistent Wu-Tang member to consistently put out music. In 2011, it was Shaolin vs Wu Tang; then he opened up his ICEH2O label in Canada and sought out the talents of Camouflage and JD Era; dropped Unexpected Victory in 2012, and now in 2013 he decided to drop another project to start the year. That’s always appreciated when the Chef is in the kitchen.

Download Here

            Raekwon has always been known for his street presence in his lyrics, but this one doesn’t feel as street; it’s pretty much luxury rap at this point, because you can only rap about the struggle for so long. There’s a bunch of ‘cruising tunes’ on this EP, and I guess that’s the emphasis of the title. It’s flashy with a sprinkle of street toughness that Raekwon is able to bring to the table. The production is inconsistent, but it doesn’t overall diminish the vibe of the mixtape. Features by Faith Evans, Freddie Gibbs, and Maino were all good too. It’s worth the listen; check it out, and most importantly – enjoy.

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