XXYYXX (Self-Titled Album)

I was listening to Toro Y Moi’s Anything In Return on YouTube, and I came across this one right afterwards. I had seen the name floating around, but I didn’t pay any mind to it. Started listening, and it’s like an instrumental mash-up that’s reminiscent of 80s House Music in a way. It’s funny, because ever since I started listening to Flying Lotus, I’ve been noticing more of these albums that are just instrumental pieces of work, and they’re pretty chill. Sometimes, you really don’t need lyrics from an artist to drive the emphasis of good music (Melo-X is another good example). This album is all production all the time, but it’s pretty cool, given that it’s something that you can just zone out to.

            Through the sheer power of Google and Wikipedia, this guy is 17 (wow), and has already been working his way through the social world. Well, obviously if your name is around then you’re doing something right. You can only hope for bigger and better things from a young talent like this. I’m pretty impressed so far. Listen to the album, and enjoy.

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