On The Lookout: Victoria Di Giovanni

One thing that I can really appreciate about a singer is one that can hit the notes that they’re supposed to – it shows that you can have great range in dynamics, both high and low. When I was sent this song, the voice is  what grabbed me at first, no word of a lie at all. I haven’t heard of Victoria prior to listening to this song, but it was enough for me to go look up to see what else she’d put out. Discovered that she has a mixtape called Heart of Gold (see below), and she has the R&B & Pop type of voice that can do ballads or club songs. From what I was told (shout out to Biggs, by the way), she’s a Jill of all trades when it comes to recording, writing, mixing, and producing. That’s a serious skill-set to have when you’re an emerging artist. It’s like how JMSN came onto the scene and no one really heard about him, but because of Priscilla, he blew up. She could have that impact if the right people notice. I like what I hear from her already, and I can only hope to anticipate more. I’m not the R&B expert like most people who read my blog, but you don’t have to be an expert to recognize skill when it falls right in front of you. Enjoy.

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