Identity Thief – The STiXXclusive Review

You know, I really hate spelling words that have the whole ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’ rule, because it always messes me up – thief is one of those words, so that was the reasoning behind that little mini rant; I apologize. Apologies are the worst things sometimes, because on the level of what there is to actually apologize for, what if you do something that essentially ruins someone’s life and forces them into a way of living they’re not accustomed to, forces them to embark on a dangerous cross country trip, and potentially does more harm than good in the first place? Well, Diana was the person who was faced with this great ordeal.

She had taken the life of someone and lived the lavish life. There are people like this in real life scenarios that steal identities of others and go all out on a life they wish they had with money they would never see. They get caught up, and eventually everything comes back to bite them in the ass. That’s the life of a sociopath – the everlasting rush of adrenaline that they get when doing things that they’re not supposed to be doing.

On the flip side, you have Sandy – hardworking family man, at a crappy job that he’s great at, but is not receiving the compensation that he deserves. He has a horrible boss, and he’s timid because he doesn’t want to risk his career. There are a lot of people like him who are living their lives the same way, and it’s because they’re living to sustain the lives of others, you have to make sacrifices, but when an opportunity of great magnitude is presented to you, you jump ship – you go against your morals to get ahead, because it’s what you deserve. A lot of us can relate to that, right? I would hope so. These two personalities were linked together in an unlikely way. This movie showed me a prime example why I don’t answer 1-800 numbers, or give out important information of the phone unless I know exactly just what it is I’m calling about. People are shady, and it could happen to anyone.

If it happened to you, and your name was striped from you in the worst way, would you let the authorities handle it, or would you go and get the person yourself? People would go the safe route, but when it comes to a crisis like this, sometimes, it’s just not that simple. Mind you, Hollywood & the real world aren’t alike, but there are similarities that can be related to. In a comedic way, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy team up in what happens when two completely opposite people somehow find common ground with each other by teaching each other valuable lessons, while in the middle of a crazy scenario. The newer generation of comedies are more blunt and in-your-face, but the problem most of the time is that there’s lack of content and story. Where many parts of the movie did feel unnecessary, Melissa gave a pretty good performance of someone who portrayed the pathological thief and Jason plays your everyday timid family man. Opposites attract, right? If you got the Horrible Bosses reference in the earlier paragraph, kudos to you (it’s right on the poster, man), but in all seriousness, you get a bunch of laughs in this movie, and it was enjoyable although there was a lot of back story that I would have just taken out altogether, but of course there’s always got to be something. It’s more of a rental, but if you see it in theatres, it’s definitely one to enjoy with friends – unless you’re like me and like the alone time. This is my opinion, this is my review, but for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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